A Love to Remember - July 27, 2014 - Above-All-Expressions

A Love to Remember

"When you love someone, it's natural not demanding. And that's the one thing, I'm proud to say I found in you. I'm so glad that we reached an understanding. Now I know my heart is safe with you, ooooo. So, now my love to you, baby, I surrender... (Shalamar 1982, "Night To Remember")


Every once in awhile, life gives us a fairytale. I remember watching these two as a little girl at the church where I grew up, First Sixth Street Baptist Church, in Port Arthur, Texas. It was something magical about them and their connection. No one could deny their chemistry and all of us who witnessed their love, hoped, dreamed, and wanted a love like theirs of our own. Their marriage is truly a testament of what love, companionship, and friendship is suppose to be.

As a professional photographer, life offers me the opportunity to do more that witness greatness from the sideline. It allows me to participate in it as we capture what God intended for us to see. It was truly an honor and privilege for us, me and my husband, to capture and even celebrate in the joy of 30 years of marital bliss of Pastors Albert and Charlotte Moses.

Have you ever seen an anointed marriage? Their love is  "Storge" meaning they have the love of affection. Their love is "Philia" meaning they have the love of friendship. Their love is "Eros" meaning they have the love of romance and passion. Their love is "Agape" or what we call the love of Christ, meaning they have unconditional love. Wow!!! The love between this two is absolutely amazing and it has all of the elements of love as God intended. With God as their covering, they truly walk the walk and talk the talk of what real love and marriage is suppose to be!!!  

Albert and Charlotte, your love is to be celebrated and we salute you!!! Happy Anniversary!!!